Day: January 11, 2020

Her Startup Story

Meet Geeta Bhatia: Founder of Anukrama bridging the gap between the hearing impaired and the hearing society

Anukrama is a Delhi based startup founded by Geeta Bhatia. As it is rightly said that love has no language. Geeta and her sister also wanted to be like other sibling but it was difficult for them to communicate with each other because her sister was hearing impaired and this was a challenge for both […]

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Be Happy
Happiness Challenge

Happiness Challenge Day 1: Complain Less and Be happy

We all keep complaining about thing which we do not have but we forget to focus on what we have? Everyone wants to be happy but most of us find it difficult to remain happy. The idea is simple just try to focus on things which you have. Just 2 habits will help you to […]

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