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Women in India personify the new India, which is inspiring, willing to take a risk and above all self-motivated with high confidence.

Women play so many roles – sometimes she is a daughter.. sometimes a wife.. and sometimes she is mom… In between, she is also a great friend and a wonderful leader.

How she manages so many roles? She is career-oriented as well as the commitment to families – Women are made and groomed like this it is just we have to highlight and admire their true potential. 

We have started Womendigest with a dual vision: First, to encourage women from the different field about their passion. Secondly, to keep other women motivated.  Here at womendigest, we celebrate womanhood by encouraging women sharing their stories and also sharing the current scenario – To spread the positive impulse.

We have come up with a more individualized approach to inspiration, motivation and keep providing the content in a faster, immediate and topical way through womendigest. 

Our online resources and stories are shared with the hope that these stories will help budding women in their prospect fields and they find daring they need to take wings.

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