Happiness Challenge: Day 7 – Always being busy

Always being busy: This is a Japanese concept which states that keep yourself busy, as much as your mind will be busy with the things which you like you will be more happier in your life. Also, studies had shown that keeping busy doing anything makes you happier. Just do whatever you feel like doing- watching tv, painting, surfing, playing games or watching movies. So we can say that it is good news that when you keep yourself busy you are more happier. So, the busyness is better for you and will make you happier. You should do anything, anytime even if you feel that there is no point in doing what you are doing. And finally, you will feel better about it.
Sometimes doing crazy things keeps you busy and you will feel the happiness at the end – Womendigest

3 Reasons how busyness will lead to happiness.

  1. Your mind is occupied: You do not have time to think about the things which actually make you sad. So it is easy for you to stay out of things which make you feel bad.
  2. You will stay younger: Yes, do not get surprised when you love what you are doing, you are reducing your ageing process. It is always said that a sound mind is in a sound body. So body and mind both are equally important to stay healthy. It has been seen that maintaining an active and adaptable mind is one of the secrets of staying young.
  3. The brain works in a positive way: It is said that whatever you will provide to your brain you will become the same kind of person. The brain understands the negative thoughts, as well as positive thoughts and accordingly brain, responds to it. So if we are having negative thoughts gives stress and sadness in your body. When you add more positive thoughts by making it busy, your brain will be relaxed and happiness will come back.
So, keep yourself busy in things which you love and with positive thoughts which will help you stay happier and live a healthy life.   Click on the 10 Days Happiness Challenge.    Do not forget to write your thoughts and share this with your friends. 
Bhumikka Yaadav

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