Happiness Challenge Day 1: Complain Less and Be happy

Be Happy

We all keep complaining about thing which we do not have but we forget to focus on what we have? Everyone wants to be happy but most of us find it difficult to remain happy.

The idea is simple just try to focus on things which you have. Just 2 habits will help you to complain less and be happier.

  •  Just don’t complain for the sake of ignoring the situation. Try to fix the complain and once you have made this simple change in your attitude, it will be very simple for you to complain less and remain happier.
  • Write down the 5 best qualities of the individual who you admire as the happier person you know. Each week  pick up one habit which you strive to implement during the week. After 5 weeks you will find yourself changes and much happier person as you were before one month.
Bhumikka Yaadav

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