Happiness Challenge Day 2: Dedicate some #metime to what you like..


Everywhere it is trending these days: #metime

What is this #metime?

It is the time which you dedicate for yourself… for the activities you love or enjoy to do…

Therefore, #metime is important and it is essential because when you spend time on things you like they provide fulfilment and you feel great achievement that despite of your professional goals and hectic schedule you can manage time for yourself.

It also clears your mind and helps you more focused which will lead to immense happiness.

So, as per your schedule dedicate some #metime for yourself – this time can be on a daily basis, a weekly. But it is need and will help you to be happier in life.

Make a checklist of things which you love to do and you have not done for a long time. Once this list is prepared you can start working on it.

Bhumikka Yaadav

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