Happiness Challenge Day 4: Develop a Reading Habit

Reading Habit

It is said that Readers are leaders and reading positive material will help you to keep your mind calm. So if you develop a reading habit it will calm your mind.  Once the mind is calm you will be happier and satisfied in all the circumstances.

It is found that books can boost mood and banish negativity?

It is found by the University of Liverpool that readers are 21 per cent less likely to report feelings of depression and 10 per cent more likely to report good self-esteem than non-readers. Whereas researchers at the University of Sussex found that after if anyone reads six minutes his favourite topic his stress can be reduced by up to 68 per cent.

The other study conducted in 2013 reveals that ‘People who read books regularly are on average more satisfied with life, happier, and more likely to feel the things they do in life are worthwhile.’

We can say that if you want to be happier in life Keep reading and make it a habit by following tips:

  • You should always make time for reading.
  • You should be never without a book.
  • Dedicate at least half an hour for reading.



Bhumikka Yaadav

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