Happiness Challenge Day 8: Filter Your Thinking Process

filter your thinking process

Filter your thinking process: you must have heard when most of the psychologist saying that you become what you think. Or the kind of book you read your brain starts thinking in the same way. To be happier and positive in life you have to filter the negative thought and things from your mind.

We all know all these mantras but the major point is how do we implement all this.

Steps to Filter Your Thinking Process.

1) Find out the things which you do not want to think about it.

2) Make a very small plan for one day. Just think in your mind that for one day you will not think of that particular thing. And also find the best way to overcome it.

For example, a few days back, I was reading a book in that the writer (she was a psychologist)  has given an example of how anyone can overcome with the habit of smoking. She said your hand, which holds a cigarette, your mouth and your mind need to be kept occupied when you feel an urge to smoke. So, in that case, hold a water bottle in hand. Drink some water and eat fruits. This will occupy your hands and mouth and for the brain you can listen to a small piece of music which you like most. This way you have successfully occupied your hand, mouth and mind.

So same process you can apply in your lives.  You want to stay out of something so easiest way is to occupy your mind with something else which is more interesting to you.

You can make a list of things which make you feel happier and once you have the list, you can work on your mind to get occupied. (Exercise)

3) This is an important step. To filter your thoughts is an easy process for one day. When you have successfully implemented for day one(above step) now think for a longer duration of 5 days or a week. And keep on increasing the milestone of your days once you keep achieving. After 3-4 weeks you will realize that that particular thing is not in your mind.

4) Keep reading motivational blogs or books to keep your mind healthy and work in the right direction.

Once you have worked on these steps for a week your morale will be high and believe me, you will find your mind to be occupied with things which are important to you and your family. This will make you happier.


Bhumikka Yaadav

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