Success is a Journey, not the destination…Happiness to be find along the way…  Not at the end of the road – Robert R. Updegraff

In most of the people, the mind has immeasurable and vast potential that remains untapped. It is observed that even the best-conditioned thinkers use only 25% of their minds. Therefore, the human mind can perform miracles if used properly.  It is rightly said that conquer the mind and you will conquer the world. If your mind is joyful, you are joyful and if your mind is at miserable state,  you are in miserable phase. Therefore, we can say that joy and sorrow, success and failure, optimism and pessimism are all dependent on the state of your mind. So in simple words, if you can train your mind in a positive way, happiness will be all yours.

10 tip on how to find happiness by a positive mindset.

  • Transformation: Transformation is a powerful tool that helps you to achieve success along with happiness. So how we should define transformation? Any change that is intelligent and deliberate. When we change for any purpose is called transformation. So when we change our mind for something positive it will automatically lead to happiness. 
  • Read more: This is easy, believe me, it is. It is always said that we should always keep reading something which is positive and which keeps us motivated. Reading has a special impact on our thinking process, so once we change our thinking process, happiness is simply easy to achieve. 
  • True happiness comes from within and when you feel you are growing and achieving your goals, these goals can be your personal or your professional. So it is always important that you should set your goal in your mind – break them into long term and short term goal. Once those goals will be achieved – no one can stop the happiness.
  • Just one day focus on others: Try to go one day without saying “I”. Listen to others, show concern to their problems and you will have an amazing feeling which will give you pure happiness from within.
  • Keep improving the quality of your mind by calm-mediation: The super powerful mantra is to practice meditation at the same time each day and in the same place so that your mind starts recognizing the place and enter into peace whenever you are at that particular place.
  • Get in the habit of introspection: Spend 5-10 min every night to think and understand the best you did in a whole day and what was wrong you did in the day. This is called personal effectiveness and an important tool for keeping a check on yourself.
  • Keep your working space positive: It is necessary that you have to be achieved at your work, but to be a “positive achiever” it is more important and effective as well. If you are known as a positive achiever you will automatically attract happiness and peace.  
  • Develop the habit of giving more and receiving less: Once you will prepare your mindset in such a way you will never feel sorry when people will not give you more. Work hard and develop this skill. This is also called a less-expectation mindset.
  • Dynamic Personality: Make it one of your goals to develop a dynamic, charismatic personality. Such a quality is something which everyone can develop, but only a few of us do.
  • Remember the overriding law of nature: positive overcomes the negative. This is the last tip, but most powerful, so if you will be positive another negativity which is surrounding will be overlapped by your positivity so you will be the winner at last which will lead to happiness.  

Mindset plays an important role in decision making and also it improves your decision making. I am sure the above tips on how to find happiness by a positive mindset will be of great help. 


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