10 Most Influential Women Leaders who are setting example for millions

women day special

It seems like only yesterday we started, but it was a year back when this idea came to my mind and we started this venture with the vision to spread positivity and to encourage the women power. 

From strength to strength: Here comes the women power who have not only upped the ante, but also keep inspiring the millions around the world.

We are on cloud9 as we are celebrating our 1st anniversary with these 10 influential women

women day special
Monika Mehta: Founder

Tell us about yourself and your venture?

I’m Monika Mehta and I have a health food brand called Urban Mom which strives to create delicious food from everyday ingredients like nuts and seeds and make them exciting and convenient to add to one’s daily diet. We have a total of 15 SKUs that range from Nut Butters, Nut, Seed & Trail Mixes and Seed Crackers. All our products are handmade in small batches, a great source of plant based nutrition and free of refined sugar and preservatives.

I’ve been a homemaker and have always been passionate about experimenting with food – new recipes, new techniques were constantly being tried in the kitchen.


When was the eureka moment when you decide to follow your passion?

I used to make peanut butter for my kids at home as the store-bought ones are full of sugar, palm oil and preservatives. I experimented with different nuts and made different flavours of nut butter when my friends and family strongly pushed me to turn this into a business. It would help many more vegetarians like myself get the plant-based nutrition they need and I was on a quest to make sure my products would be accessible to them, especially mothers of growing children who usually hate eating nuts!

What keeps you motivated and what is the simple suggestion you want to pass on to our reader to stay motivated to follow the passion?

Seeing the amount of hard work my team puts in every day and by knowing that the more the business grows, the more employment I will be able to create – especially for young women, makes we work harder every day.

One suggestion I would love to pass on to your readers – Be consistent and be at it, every day. It takes time to build something from scratch – you simply need to believe in yourself and the journey!

Shweta Srivastav Diadem: Mrs. India Legacy Classic 2019

Tell us about yourself and your venture?

I am a person full of determination, positivity, and never give up attitude. These positive attributes helped me to win the title of Diadem Mrs India Legacy Classic- 2019. I have done my Post Graduation from Amity University and currently working with Lotus Valley International School- Noida Extension as a Dance teacher.

By profession, I am a fitness instructor and professional dancer with 15 years of experience in various dance forms such as Contemporary, Bollywood, Jazz and Hip Hop. I have been trained in Zumba and know various certificate of the same like Basic Zumba, Zumba step, Zumba Kids, Zumba Senato and Strong by Zumba. I have represented India in the Zumba Convention held at Orlando, USA, 2014.

My new venture is Jabtastic where the focus is on fitness. At Jabtastic we teach kickboxing and Zumba among other dance forms. 

When was the eureka moment when you decide to follow your passion? 

When I was coming out of my depression phase around 2011 I got selected to be part of Danceworx training team and offered to perform in Jhumroo, a musical show celebrating the life of legendary singer Kishore Kumar to be held at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram. After Jhumroo I felt that I had to do something for myself and inspire women around me. 

What keeps you motivated and what is the simple suggestion you want to pass on to our reader to stay motivated to follow the passion? 

Dance, family and loved ones keep me motivated. My happiness comes from my dance practices and teaching dance to my students. These are the things motivates me to do more and more for me and society.

My simple advice is just be real and never give up in life. Believe in your dreams to make it a reality. Also, I want to tell to all women out there, that one can achieve success at any age you just need to believe in yourself.

Dipika-Agarwal: CEO-Opancho

Tell us about yourself and your venture?

I hail from a small town Siliguri located at the foothills of Darjeeling. I did my bachelors in media and communication and when in the corporate world I realised that the footwear options for women in this sector is very narrow and that’s when the idea of Opancho clicked.
Opancho is a luxurious woman footwear brand that strives to break stereotypes associated with women footwear. It celebrates women’s dynamic choices and presents to them something that takes style, quality and comfort along.


When was the eureka moment when you decide to follow your passion?  

I was working for a corporate firm and saw my colleagues struggling in uncomfortable heels or compromising in casual flats because they couldn’t find something that would complement their outfit, and that was the ‘Opancho’ moment for me!



What keeps you motivated and what is the simple suggestion you want to pass on to our reader to stay motivated to follow the passion?

There are a lot of brands that do wedding footwear because that’s where they see women spending while the segment for working women has been unexplored. I see Opancho as a small step in breaking stereotypes associated with women, and the love that I have been receiving just keeps me going.  All I would like to say is when following your passion you may find a hundred reasons to give up but just remember the one reason that got you started and keep going!

Harshita Dilawri, Nutritionist Diabetic Educator, Founder, Know Your Nutrient

Tell us about yourself and your venture?

Hi! I’m Harshita Dilawri Sachdeva, I’m a passionate nutritionist and a diabetic educator by profession with over 13 years of experience. A daughter, a wife and a mom to a 5 year old baby girl I feel so proud that the profession I belong is really noble and for community. 

I have worked for reputed hospitals and organisations before I started my private practice as a nutritionist. Know Your Nutrients happened both by choice and luck when I was expecting my baby and wanted to give more of my time to her but didn’t want to leave this profession at the same time which I usually saw my friends did.With over 13 years of experience in Health, Nutrition and Diabetic Education I possess a great zest and zeal to help people maintain and attain their good health by natural and day to day food. I am a passionate nutritionist, diabetic educator and a metabolic balance coach with a background in both therapeutic nutrition and food science. Being a life member of Indian Dietetic Association and Indian Diabetic Association, I keep updating the new diet and concepts about Nutrition. Having international work experience in Denmark I can work more closely into not just local Indian diets but international diets too.

Helping people not just loose weight but getting their health back with simple lifestyle changes and healthy diets is truly wondersome. Know Your Nutrients started 6 years back and I feel so contented to help people reversing their sugar levels, thyroid, deranged lipid profile and other medical issues since then and hope I continue the same and expand in future. 

When was the eureka moment when you decide to follow your passion?

My ‘eureka moment’ was when I was expecting my little one and decided to give her my time and wanted to watch her grow. This was almost 6 years back that Know Your Nutrients became my second child 🙂 and I really wanted to help people cure their illness / therapeutic issues with lifestyle changes, healthy sustainable and realistic diet plans. 

What keeps you motivated and what is the simple suggestion you want to pass on to our reader to stay motivated to follow the passion?

Seeing the difference in people’s health / medical issues really motivates makes me happy nutritionist and this is what drives my passion with full confidence and honesty. With both work and home, I try and maintain as much balance as I can with full dedication and motivation. The best mantra is to visualise and discover your dreams with passion – Obsession can be an extremely powerful motivator since it creates its own motivational might. In fact, the most successful individuals are those are who chased their passion and are doing what they love to do. When you become passionate, whether if it’s at work, exercising, or volunteering, it no longer becomes laborious. It becomes something that you enjoy, looks forward to, and want to get better. By visualizing how your life will be like if you did or didn’t reach your goals, you can motivate yourself tremendously. You can both positively and negatively motivate yourself by visualization. Believe it or not, research has found that mental practices are almost effective as a true physical practice

women day special
Neha Bahl, PR and Brand Marketing Expert, Founder, Qube Communication

Tell us about yourself and your venture?

I am a Media & Brand Communication expert, Brand Image Consultant and a digital media marketer who runs a 360-degree digital marketing & PR agency, Qube Communication. Prior to her entrepreneurial drive, she has worked across various brands in Media & PR industry across various mid-senior and senior positions. Qube Communication is a budding agency in Media & Brand Communication industry wherein they not only provide PR service to their clients but a boutique of services under one umbrella which includes Brand Consultation, PR, Viral Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Event Planning & Management, Corporate Video Shoots among others.

When was the eureka moment when you decide to follow your passion?

I never thought that I will be a thorough PR Professional as I have worked in New Channels, Radio and even with UTV. Profession of PR just happened to me. In 2015, while I was working with India’s one of the top PR firm, my senior never let me work the way I wanted to perform for the clients I used to manage. And one fine evening I decided to quit my job and followed my passion and registered my own PR Firm where everyone would have the freedom to perform and work in their own style and comfort. 


What keeps you motivated and what is the simple suggestion you want to pass on to our reader to stay motivated to follow the passion?

The constant changing dynamics of the media industry which challenges me every day and in past 3-4 Years media is shifting towards the Digital. Clients are also becoming more demanding expecting more these days. So we can say PR industry has changed 180 degree. I suggest to the reader that whenever you feel demotivated and lack of enthusiasm you should think about the bigger picture and challenge your creative on the every step so you can see the best in you every time and to justify the reason why you want to this in the first place.

women day special
Leena Madan - COO geoAMPS

Tell us about yourself and your venture?

I accomplished my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi, India as well as a Master’s Degree in Communication from Pune University, India. I started my professional journey by heading the marketing initiatives for some of the biggest names in the US market.

 In 2010, I decided to venture into software development by starting geoAMPS and to help geoAMPS grow into multiple sectors. My entire focus was to contribute towards the growth of geoAMPS and through this journey I had the honor of receiving the title of Most Powerful and Influential Women of Ohio 2013. I was also a finalist in the National Association of Women Business Owners Columbus Visionary Award 2016.

geoAMPS is a enterprise product for land record management in several industries. Our product is very configurable which allows companies to adapt the software to their own internal needs though configuration. This helps reduce costly customizations and reduces risk. We also provide the most comprehensive product within the space which allows clients to use a single system to replace, in some cases, 8-10 different systems that they were using to manage their work. This inherently brings efficiencies, reduces duplication and errors.  All this has led to the rapid adoption of our solution in the industry.


When was the eureka moment when you decide to follow your passion?

I entered the industry because we saw an opportunity to support an unmet need in a critical industry. When we were planning to get into this space, we approached a few organizations who we thought would require our product. The eureka movement was when our prospective clients responded very positively and showed their interest to collaborate with us once our product was ready.  Our participation in the first industry conference further solidified our belief that people had genuine in what we were offering.

What keeps you motivated and what is the simple suggestion you want to pass on to our reader to stay motivated to follow the passion?

Looking at the massive growth of geoAMPS, as well as the growth of various individuals within the organization keeps me motivated to follow my passion. 

I live by the mode of the “relentless pursuit of perfection”, I’m not perfect, but each day I work to get a bit closer to that goal.

women day special
Sneha: A Mom Blogger

Tell us about yourself journey as an Instagram influence?

I started my influencing career on twitter and not Instagram in 2012. Rather Instagram was private for me initially, as I was skeptical to make it public as people misuse the images. But that’s everywhere, hence started with a business account on Instagram. During those days we never had fancy handles like people now have. 

We use to keep handles as simple as we could. After I started putting my daughter first portfolio pictures, moms started asking me and that’s how even brand came to work with me. So in 2013 October, I started my account @sneha_261013.

When was the eureka moment when you decide to follow your passion?

After my angel was born, I used to share a lot of thoughts of my parenting journey and motherhood facts. People started asking me about everything I posted. I never knew that my work would be so much appreciated. One day Himalaya baby care brand came to me and ask if they can feature my motherhood journey on mothers day and also that was eureka moments when I thought I should post professionally on Instagram.

What keeps you motivated and what is the simple suggestion you want to pass on to our reader to stay motivated to follow the passion?

Even today I write what I feel, without seeing what others think. As every mom has unique DNA, I have a unique view, need not be always matching with other moms. If my followers love my views they are still following me.

I always say if you have passion, you will end up doing it. I always wanted my kid to travel from the day she was born and newborn to be same. So, follow your passion, the universe supports you always.

Priyadarshini Nigam Director - Newgen Software Technologies Limited

Tell us about yourself and your venture/journey?

I started my journey as a journalist and wrote articles on the developmental issues majorly related to women and children. In 2006, I joined Newgen as a whole-time director and started handling the corporate communication department of the company.


Newgen, as a company had a huge community of auxiliary staff. While writing on the social sector over the years, I realized the problems faced by the less privileged strata in our country. Therefore, I felt there was a need to provide a platform to their children (auxiliary staff), for education and general well-being. Thus, along with few passionate Newgenites and their spouses, Sadbhavna, a philanthropic initiative was incepted.

In the last 14 years of working with the Sadbhavna children we have a number of success stories. Today, it makes me feel really proud to see how this initiative that I started as a support group has turned out and given hope to these youngsters. In fact, looking at the achievements of Sadbhavna children, Newgen has started a scholarship program, providing financial support to meritorious children to pursue higher education.

When was the eureka moment when you decide to follow your passion?

My breakthrough moment was when Sadbhavna saw the light of the day and got formally registered. We started Sadbhavna with a group of 11 children from 3 families of our support staff. The program that was initially un-structured matured as we moved forward. With time, we started understanding the requirements of the children better and kept doing course corrections to make it more effective. The sessions were made more interactive and interesting. Trained faculty was hired to conduct personality development classes and do career counselling.


What keeps you motivated and what is the simple suggestion you want to pass on to our reader to stay motivated to follow the passion?

What keeps me motivated are my Sadbhavna children and the progress they have made in their academics, their personalities and their level of confidence. Since the commencement of this initiative, not a single child associated with us has dropped out of the school and most are aspiring to pursue higher degrees.

This commitment led to the inception of Newgen’s flagship CSR initiative “Newgen Digital Discovery Pathshaala” (NDDP). The vision of this program was inspired by the learning of Sadbhavna-that every child deserves an opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

NDDP is a digital learning program and currently, we are catering to approximately 3,000+ students from government schools. The objective of this program is to make the students digitally sound and provide them the level-playing field and make them better prepared for the future.

Currently, we are feeding 8,000+ children through mid-day meal program across the country and providing remedial education to another 5,000+ government school students. I always wanted to reach out to as many children as I could and work towards their holistic development.

My suggestion to the readers of this article is to be sensitive to the environment around them as they are part of a developing country. We all who are in a position to help the under-privileged should extend our hands and contribute even if it’s with a small gesture of kindness. Every contribution – big or small can make a huge difference!


2 Special women: Our editor’s pick. 

Mahalakshmi: Olny Female Ola driver from Bangalore
Pushpa Preeya: Helping society by writing exams for blinds

She is the only female Ola driver in Bangalore. From the last five years, she is been working as a full-time Ola driver-partner and also managing her household and her two children. In our view, she is a hero. She is breaking the stereotype and working hard to live for her dreams by proofing that no job is small or big if there is a true determination. 



Pushpa Preeya: She has written more than 700 exams in last 10 for disabled people. It is true that everyone wants to do something extraordinary for the society but it really needs the courage to actually go out and give it back to society but Pushpa is the one of them who is really working hard to help blinds by writing their exams. She is from Bangalore and we have included her in this list because we want more people to get inspired. 

Wishing all a wonderful International Women’s Day. 

A Women is like a tea bag- you can’t tell how strong she is untill you pour her in hot water –  Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Stay focused… Stay strong and stay positive… You can achieve anything… Follow your passion and keep working hard to fulfill your dreams. 

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