Eats with Mish: When food is her love and she present it in such a way that you will also fall in love with her page

Food Blogging looks quite easy to people who just feel it is all about taking pictures of what you eat and posting on pages. But in reality, food blogging is altogether full-time work that involves lots of planning and dedication. Above all, you should be passionate about your work. Meet one such food blogger who is passionate about her work – Mish. 
Her work is liked by many with  27.3K followers in a small time span as she started her journey during the lockdown and now she is well known in her field. 
Once you will check her Instagram handle EatwithMish, we are sure you will also fall in love with her page. Today, at, we got an opportunity to know her better and how she started her journey. Below is the detailed conversation with her.


Her mission is to help people to cook Indian food in a healthier way which is simple and efficient and very delicious! Her page sums it all through its tagline: Tasty. Healthy. Easy.


Tell us about yourself? And from how many years you are in this field?

I am a foodie who has found an amazing way to share her love of food through her blog. I have found easy ways to cook traditional Indian recipes which I have been sharing on Instagram Many of my followers have told me how much that has helped them during the pandemic and lockdown. I have also heard from my audience how they now like the kitchen and they receive so many compliments from their family. I have been in this field for almost one year now. My first post was on march 24th, 2020.

When was the eureka moment when you decided to become an influencer?

I actually didn’t know that I would become an influencer so soon, but the eureka moment was on March 16 2020 when I decided to plunge right into blogging when the lockdown came upon us. I realized that many people would now be cooking more at home or would want to and I can help them by sharing my recipes. I have been a teacher and I got immense pleasure thinking that I could teach people how to cook Indian food simply and easily.

What was the previous venture- what were you doing before becoming an influencer?

I was a digital marketing consultant before I became a blogger and before that, I was an English teacher. 

What keeps you motivated and what is the best thing you like about your current field?

The everyday love and respect and support I get from my followers keep me motivated. I feel that I have a huge responsibility to serve them the best that I can as they have put their trust in me!

Who is your role model in life?

My role model in life is my father. He is no more, but I strive to be like him- hardworking, kind, giving, funny, never a harsh word and support to many.


What is your biggest strength and weakness?

My biggest strength is the ability to understand people and to be able to work on different projects all at once. I also know how to manage my stress, which I have learned after years of practice.  My weakness is that I might get impatient a bit too quickly at times and I do work on managing that!


Where you are located and how do you see when people recognize you at any public place?

I live in the States and here people are pretty cool about reacting to public figures- they keep it subtle and may come up and say a few nice words!

What are your plans for the future?

I am releasing a cookbook, this year and a mini online cooking course. Later, I plan to write a series of cookbooks. In 2021 I plan on 2 cookbooks and 1 online course.

How will you define yourself in a single phrase?

If I see empathy and kindness in you, I’ll do anything for you!

Any message you want to give to readers?

My message to my readers is that please take time in supporting the content creators you follow. Like and comment on their posts. It takes a lot of effort to create good posts and appreciation from the audience is what we content creators live for-it encourages us and motivates us!


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