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Fuzia is an online platform founded in 2012 by Riya Sinha and co-founded by Shraddha Varma. Fuzia helps women to showcase all their talent by encouraging them because they have started with the vision that each one has something special to share.

Fuzia celebrates the beautifully crafted mixture of internet and creativity. We aim to give every woman a space where she can learn and grow. What started as a writing club has bloomed into a global platform fuelling meaningful conversations all across the globe! -Shraddha.

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Founders Fuzia: Riya Sinha and Shraddha Varma

Tell us about your startup? And about the team.

We are a women’s networking community and a talent showcase platform where we build each other up through creative expression, experiential learning, and mutual support. Fuzia celebrates the beautifully crafted mixture of internet and creativity. We aim to give every woman space where she can learn and grow. What started as a writing club has bloomed into a global platform fuelling meaningful conversations all across the globe!

Our mission is of course supported by a team of dynamic leaders, change-makers and creators. It is comprised of primarily women and men who are united in their vision to make the world a better place from various countries like India, US, UK, Morocco, Egypt, South  Korea, Hungary etc.


When was the eureka moment when you decided to have your startup?

My partner and Fuzia’s founder Riya Sinha, who having published her book at a very young age of 11, was at a related event and giving her books away when a young girl approached her and told her how Riya had inspired her to write her own book. It was at that moment that Riya realized that every individual has the power to influence others and pave the way for change. What started then as the Fuzia Writing Club is a community with thousands of members and more than 4 million followers/supporters on social media today.


Where is your startup located? What are your plans for expansion?

Our headquarters are in and Mumbai, India and Palo Alto, California, USA ; but Fuzia team works remotely. All of our team members work from different parts of the world and across time zones. I believe that this entails a lot of trust in one another and sets us apart. While our vision is to provide women all over the world with empowerment opportunities and an environment, that is safe and secure, where they can be all they want, we believe there are many ways to achieve it and we want to harness the power of internet towards its achievement. We have launched our experiential learning platform FuziaFest where we bring experts and collaborators to the same space to exchange knowledge. Our talent-management initiative, FuziaTalent strives to be a pioneer in providing flexible employment to women across the world. We shall soon be launching FuziaTV wherein we would showcase exclusive interviews with women leaders all over the globe. We aim to take our commitment to women empowerment forward in the best way possible.

‘Encourage, Educate and Empower’ are the

3 keywords that we are consistently focusing in order to grow and make our efforts more meaningful and impactful.


Who are your competitors and how you see yourself competition?

At Fuzia we believe in collaboration, as opposed to competition. We are only competing with ourselves to become better and create a better impact every day.


What keep you excited about this startup?

It is the energy of the team and the opportunity to make a tangible change that keeps me going.


Being a woman you have to handle a lot of things- tell us how you maintain a work-life balance.

It certainly is difficult, so planning is important. I start my day by reviewing the to-do list while sipping on a cup of masala chai. I like to be organized, even though that can be very hard at times. Prioritization of tasks helps. Undoubtedly, my days are super hectic with diverse tasks on my plate. I rejuvenate myself with music and dance daily for 2 hours. On Sundays, it is movie time!


What is the most important learning which you want to share with our emerging women entrepreneurs?

Be self-motivated and believe in the value you are providing through your business. Invite criticism because it gives you new ideas to become better and sustainable. You can also read about successful entrepreneurs and learn from their journey. It will motivate you because you will realize that things were not easy for them at all.


What do you suggest to a woman who is interested in starting their own business?

Just believe in your idea and business proposition and work relentlessly towards it.


Where do you see your brain-child in the next 2-3 years from now?

In the next 2-3 years, I see this platform being home to millions of women where they connect, express and collaborate. We look forward to building a place that garners a sense of community, meaningful relationship and sisterhood.

We hope to build a bigger talent hub, wherein we would encourage and invite people to share their creative best, nurture their talents and focus on skill development We are also working relentlessly to create opportunities to make them economically empowered by matching them with suitable work opportunities.

In a few years, I envision Fuzia to be a learning hub, a global canopy under which innovative and inspiring conversations are sparked!



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