Saffron Gourmet: A Fusion sweets and savories startup

Saffron Gourmet

The whole world had faced lockdown and now we have lockdown stories, some lost many opportunities due to lockdown but few utilized this lockdown as the new scope of business. One of them is Akansha Kohli.

When she realized that people are feeling emotionally week when they were not able to reach physically on the special occasion of their loved once, she identified the need and she started with Saffron Gourmet – Fusion sweets and savories which could travel for the special occasion of friends and relatives. With her great vision, she brought a smile to many faces. 

Today, at Women Digest, we spoke to Akansha, the founder of Fusion sweets and savories. Below are the excerpts from our interaction.


Tell us about yourself? And from how many years you are in this field?

I am a first-time entrepreneur whose love for creativity gave birth to Saffron Gourmet and the name it has created for itself in a short span. Though my relationship with creativity stems from my career in fashion designing but in culinary its relatively new which started out in July 2020 during the pandemic.


Brief us about your venture? And it is from which part of the country? 

Saffron Gourmet is a fusion of traditional Indian sweets with contemporary taste and flavours which complements all kinds of palettes. We are based out of New Delhi but we supply are unique flavours across the country.

When was the eureka moment when you decided to have your startup?

My eureka moment came with the inception of Saffron Gourmet when a lot of people, due to the lockdown, were looking for exotic gifts to share their special moments of joy with their near and dear ones.  

Through this, I also put my creative instincts into play, which was appreciated by a lot of people and they found it rather appealing and a twist in both taste and creativity. This was the beginning for me to showcase my talent and creativity which has also helped Saffron Gourmet grow phenomenally in such a short span.

What is your biggest strength and weakness?

My weakness would be the mental breakdown that results due to the judgement from society and the strength it requires from a person to break those stereotypes. My strength is my family who always has my back and the ideation to do something incredible for your children.

As a woman entrepreneur, there are many challenges. Tell us what are the primary challenges which you have to face as a women entrepreneur?

The path for women has never been an easy one, unlike men as at every step you have to break the existing stereotypes to showcase your work. Initially, like all women I too had to juggle between home, work and others and strike a sound balance which I continue to struggle with even now. I would like to tell all women out there like me to give importance to your passion as well and let it be the fuel to drive you as it also makes you financially independent which is a must for all women. Striking a sound balance is the key here. One needs to be self-driven and motivated to fulfil their ambitions in life.

How do you deal with stress and challenges, especially during this pandemic? 

Since I started out with Saffron Gourmet during the pandemic, despite the challenging times, I had lots to look forward to. But my best stress buster is spending quality time with my family.

What keeps you motivated and any message you want to give our female readers who are still confused to start their own venture or not. 

 Like I stated, fueling your passion is the key, once you learn what you want to do and get to it, the process is rather an enjoyable one. If you are still wondering how to go about it, start small as its always about the first initial step.

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