5 basic precautions which will help you and society to fight with Carona Virus

Carona Virus

Some of the effects of corona virus and what are the measures you should take to help yourselves and society to fight against it.

How is Life in Mumbai? Someone pinged me today. And I replied Mumbai is moving slow…

How about your city I asked? She said it is silent too…

After a small conversation. A thought just came to my mind. I have never seen Mumbai so slow. The roads are empty, with no traffic. No one travelling on Public transport. All are facing the same issues. Grocery stores are fully occupied by people. And the staff at service.

With so much of stress and tension can I request all to be humble. Think of people around who are still working hard to provide you with all kinds of basic services – Womendigest

Today, I was reading somewhere, people were shouting at grocery store staff when they were not able to find a particular product.

Small things if you start to take care at this time. Your surrounding will become positive when a lot of negativity is surrounded and all are under a lot of stress.

Just 5 basic precautions to which will help you and society to fight with Carona Virus:

  1. Keep Sanitizing and help yourself have better immunity: This is most important, yes, we all know, but sanitizing of hands will not be enough at this stage. You have to sanitize your surroundings as well, whatever you use daily you should sanitize that like –
    • Do change your cloth whenever you come from outside and take a bath with warm water.
    • Change your bed sheets at least thrice a week.
    • Sanitize your laptops, keyboards, mouse, your call bell, handles of doors from our side and inside.
    • Wash vegetables and fruits before storing them in refrigerators.
    • Eat healthy homemade food, avoid junk food.
  1. Buy products once in a week: Buy dairy products only once in a week, keep a stock of it and learn to work with minimal things. Stop newspapers, laundry and Vegetables. Just stop unnecessary online purchases, you never know the parcel which is coming to your house is coming from which place and who all are touching them.
  2. Avoid Public Transportation: Till the time it is most urgent you should avoid travelling on public transport and if you are travelling just do not accept change/ cash from them, pay them via Paytm or any other apps to money transfer.
  3. Help Elderly People: As we all know that corona is most risky for older people, help older people if you see them struggling for basic needs outside. Offer them help.
  4. Do not be selfish & be humble: When the government has asked most of the private and government organizations to offer work from home options to their employees, but there are many industries, especially service industry, which are still operating and providing you with the services and also people like auto drivers who have to work daily for their survivals because their profession do not allow them to sit at home and work. So be polite and humble to them.


Isolation does not mean that you should just think for yourself, but be kind and keep a good attitude towards others who are working really hard – womendigest


Just a closing note: 

A gesture of kindness and positive attitude is the need of an hour. Keep yourself positive and also help others to stay keep themselves calm when we know it is a tough time for all. “Prayers are powerful” Keep praying for your family and for the people around.


Coming up with 5 food which will help you to increase your immunity power to fight against Carona Virus.


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