Meet Geeta Sridhar, she is the Mumbai based food blogger with a strong fellowship of 43.1k. Her Influencer handle is – indianfoodexpress

When asked about her strength and weakness- “My biggest weakness lies in the fact that I am always sucked into the vortex because I am emotional”, says Geeta. 


Tell us about yourself? And from how many years you are in this field?

I am a simple housewife, and a mother to two doting daughters. I am basically a philanthropist, and want to serve people. My love for cooking has been seamless. I learnt of my passion, while I was serving cancer patients at the Tata Memorial Cancer institute in Mumbai. I started with Indian Food Express after I emerged as runners up, on the Indian Master Chef show. So, typically you are looking at me becoming an influencer since the last 5 years.


When was the eureka moment when you decided to become an influencer?

After the show was done with, my daughter who kept penning down my recipes would enlist it onto a blog. Our followers would leap overnight, giving us the impetus to take to the social media. Hence there was no fixed time on when I decided on becoming an influencer, as I was simply growing very organically as a rocket fuelled pace.


What was the previous venture- what were you doing before becoming an influencer?

As I mentioned above I have always been a full time philanthropist. When I got married and came down to Mumbai from Chennai, I learnt of my father’s sickness. He was suffering from cancer. I took it upon myself to get him home and serve him through his illness. I would watch his pain grow with every passing day. On his death, I decided on helping all the patients at the Tata memorial cancer hospital, and give them food so that they could revitalize their health and stand up again.


What keep you motivated and what is the best thing you like about your current field?

Food is a passion, and the passion is seamless. I love learning more about different cuisines. I love to experiment with my tastebuds and try something new. It interests me to try fusion cuisines.


Who is your role model in life?

My husband has always been my steady role model. He has inspired me to take things up I wouldn’t have dreamed of. He made me learn of my abilities and got me stretching myself to heights involving prominence.


What is your biggest strength and weakness?

My biggest strength is how I invest wholeheartedly in my passion. My biggest weakness lies in the fact that I am always sucked into the vortex because I am emotional.


Where you are located and how do you see when people recognize you at any public place?

People see me and recognize me as a philanthropist first. They also know me as Geeta Ma and come over to my place for some delicious food.


What are your plans for the future?

I do plan on something a lot bigger for Indian Food Express, but don’t want to spill the beans on the same yet!


How will you define yourself in a single phrase?

A giver, who absolutely enjoys food!


Any message you want to give to readers?

Be kind, and it will always come back to you when you need it the most.



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