Poonam Raina: A fashion influencer passionate about what she is doing.

Meet Poonam Raina, she is a fashion influencer and blogger with the strong fellowship of 23.1k. She left her corporate job and started working as an influencer and she feels passionate about her current work. Her Influencer handle is –poonam.raina

Poonam enjoy reading books and travelling, apart from this she says that “Music is my lifeline”. Check out her exclusive interview with us at womendigest.in.

Poonam Raina, Fashion Influencer


Tell us about yourself? And from how many years you are in this field?

My name is Poonam Raina. I am a homemaker, an MBA by qualification and an influencer/blogger. I love to read a lot of books and travel. Music is my lifeline. I have been doing this since July last year. I am not even a year old in this field.


When was the eureka moment when you decided to become an influencer?

I have always loved curating new looks, doing makeups or mix and match with dresses.  So last year around April just thought of starting to write blogs and creating contents on an official level.


What was the previous venture- what were you doing before becoming an influencer?

I wasn’t working at all for quite a while now. Worked as an HR recruiter for a year in between but left. 


What keep you motivated and what is the best thing you like about your current field?

The idea of creating or doing something new is what keeps me motivated. Although I am still a bit cautious about anything that can attract bad comments I am trying to come out of the box lately. The best thing about this field is, it keeps my mind occupied with lots of positive ideas all the time. Just have to start implementing them quite often.


Who is your role model in life?

My mom is my role model. She taught me to be patient and keep doing what I love the most with full dedication and positive attitude.  She taught me that one should always think of the good things that you have in life rather than sulking on what’s not there.


What is your biggest strength and weakness?

My biggest strength is my creative mind & positive attitude.

My weakness is I take people for face value and trust them very soon. Which at times I shouldn’t.


Poonam Raina Fashion Influencer
Poonam Raina

Where you are located and how do you see when people recognise you at any public place?

I am located in India( North India), I am not all that big a name for people looking or starting at me yet.


What are your plans for the future?

Want to do something noticeable in budget fashion. Making the middle-class girls know that money is not the main factor that attracts style, but it your willingness to be stylish with what you have. And to do good in writing blogs too.


How will you define yourself in a single phrase?

Girl with a creative mind to inspire budget-friendly styles. 


Any message to new Influencers?

There’s is no age to start doing what you love the most. Just think of one thing that makes you happy, keeps you occupied and at peace, choose it and start moving ahead. Anyone who is determined will definitely reach their destination one day.



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