Sahiba Singh Dhupar: A Certified Communication Skills Trainer by British Council and Cambridge English


Meet Sahiba Singh Dhupar, she is a Communication SkillsTrainer, Soft Skills Trainer and mage Consultant. She enjoys her profession and she loves to benefit society with her skills and experience.

Whether you have to select your career path or you want to strengthen your interpersonal skills, communication skill trainer play an important role. Today, we at Women Digest had the opportunity to talk to Sahiba, she is a certified trainer with more than 5 years of experience in the industry, she is down to earth and when asked about her role model she without hesitating referred 3 men in her life- her grandfather, father and her husband. Read her full interview with us, here are the excerpts from the interview

My biggest strength is my emotional demeanour, my ability to empathise beyond recognition, feel and follow compassion. In today’s world, this is regarded as my biggest weakness too – Sahiba.

Tell us about yourself? And from how many years you are in this field?

I am A Certified Communication Skills Trainer by British Council and Cambridge English, Certified Soft Skills Trainer by Scotland Quality Assurance, Image Consultant and Etiquette & Grooming Coach, Certified Trainer by NABET (National accreditation board of Education & Training)

I am pursuing my NLP Master Practitioner Certification.

By Profession, I can be called a Trainer, But I am essentially a one-stop solution to a person’s Personality upliftment in all domains namely, Appearance Management, Emotions, Communication, Behaviour.

I can be addressed as a Personality Consultant as well.

But I like to call myself a Hope creator, Skill developer, Empowerment specialist and confidence generator.

I have been a trainer for 5 years, gradually upscaling my skill set along the way to reach where I am.


When was the eureka moment when you decided to follow your passion?

I was a typical chirpy girl who had just fought a life-threatening disease and spent months in the hospital at the age of 17. I came back home more positive and emerged stronger. But my career was not a priority then, I confess. I followed the staple route of a Commerce student and pursued my BBA & MBA, is the second student in my batch to get placed in the third semester itself. I got married at 23 and happily left my well-paying job. It was a disappointment for those who loved me to see me quit. Within 5 months of my marital bliss, I started consuming sleep tablets to further understand that I was aimless and that was killing me. A friend introduced me to his firm, A Canadian Training Company which hired me as their Senior Freelance Trainer. After my first training, I came out defining Satisfaction and Gratification through feelings than words, I knew, I was born to do this!


What was the previous venture- what were you doing before becoming this?

I was an HR professional before I worked as a Trainer. However, I was doing a job as a trainer whilst handling my own silver jewellery business online. I gifted myself a passion at 24 and converted it into entrepreneurship a little more than 2 years ago.


What keeps you motivated and what is the best thing you like about your current field?

The faces I see after my training, the messages I receive, The gratification that engulfs me after every workshop, those little moments of joy I receive when my clients keep in touch and become my rooters and well-wishers, my friends. There can nothing be more motivating than this. It is the most heartening feeling ever. The fact that I have the power to touch lives is a responsibility I love to shoulder and is something I cherish the most in my noble profession.


Who is your role model in life?

In life, there have been so many people who have contributed to making me who I am today.

However, to name a few, the three men of my life are my role models.

My Grandfather, Retd. Group Captain Harcharan Singh, whom I fondly address as my Dadu is the building block of my persona. He has been my best friend since the day I was born and noticing him in the many roles he played was a learning curve in itself. As an Individual, he has helped me shape myself to a large extent with his thirst for knowledge, being a curious learner all his life, even at 85 he never ceases to amaze me with his inspiring ways. With him, I learned tolerance, prudence and giving freedom to those you love!

My Father, Ajit Singh is an epitome of perfection for me. He is rational, pragmatic and meticulous. I feel like he defines these adjectives more than they describe him. Honesty is his jewel and my values are an extension to what he is, which makes me so proud of being his daughter. I learnt humanity, integrity and planning my goals from him.

My Best Friend, My husband, Varun Dhupar is my third role model. He is like a natural progression of the aforementioned role models and helps me acknowledge goodness through his actions and noble intentions. I have learnt altruism, compassion and righteousness from him.

These role models help me employ what I emulate from them in my life, both personal and professional.


What is your biggest strength and weakness?

My biggest strength is my emotional demeanour, my ability to empathise beyond recognition, feel and follow compassion.

In today’s world, this is regarded as my biggest weakness too.

However, I will live by it till the day I die.


Where you are located and how do you see when people recognise you at any public place?

I am based in Delhi, However, I operate PAN India as per requirement.

It is such a heartwarming feeling when someone recognises me. Although, I feel I have a long way to make this a normalcy. But whatever little I receive is enough to keep me going.

I still remember someone messaging me on my Instagram handle that I saw you in the metro today and knew it was you, what an influencing personality you have!

This message was an assurance to my aim in life.


What are your plans for the future?

I want to break stereotypes and help people especially women of our country break them without succumbing to the unaccepting norms of society.

Empowering those around me is my biggest aim because we are all wearing masks and removing them is my motive.

Alternatively, I wish to address audiences through Educational Institutions, Corporates, Various clubs to impart as much as I can on my field.

Conducting my workshops, not only in Delhi but in various parts of the country is something I am working on too. I have conducted a few in Delhi and Mumbai, to begin with.


How will you define yourself in a single phrase?

Have Courage, Be Kind!

That’s me. Precisely. Honestly.


Any message you want to give to readers?

In a world of digitalisation, we are innately deprived of human connect and transparent emotional relationships. Perpetual comparisons, Superficial displays and Materialistic Pleasures are our benchmarks and that is sad. Our diet and fashion are making us go back to our roots, let our love and definition of relationships go back to its formative glory too. Be kind to one another, help each other grow, shower yourself with love and don’t be guilty of putting yourself first, empower yourself and then others around you. We lack humanity and love, compassion and empathy. Let’s bring it back! Begin with yourself Girls!



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