9 Delhi Based Food Bloggers you should follow in 2020

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Food Blogging is trending these days, but it is not easy to be one. Foodstagramming takes lots of efforts to create fresh content and with damaging videos and photos on a regular basis. All that is needed is Passion and Consistency. So, we have here compiled a list of 9 Delhi based food bloggers. If you are a food enthusiast or trying to be one, this is the right post for you.

Let us hear from them:

How did you start this journey and what are the challenges you face in your food blogging journey?



I am Nikita Varma a Delhi based blogger & my blog’s name is ‘iamdatingfood’. I had been blogging since last 3years & I must say that I love my work! I have a media background & 3-4years back I was working in a media channel. From there my interest started, I wasn’t even active on Instagram or any other social media sites. But with time I got inclined towards Foodblogging. I never knew that I will reach where I am today, because I started it without any motive. I started because I loved food & I wanted explore more. Today, if I compare myself & my blog, it has all changed a lot. The way I click the picture to the way I talk has totally changed.
When I started, this industry was really new and unexplored at that time, not many knew about it & hence initially it was difficult for me to make people & even my family understand that what is it. The second biggest challenge is slow growth in terms of monetary, it takes really long to start getting paid, it requires a lot of efforts.

From far this industry looks really glamourous but it takes a lot of hard work to reach here & earn fame. The most difficult thing here is how can you be innovative with your content, what should you do to stand out because you have the responsibility to cater your audience.

I feel this is the biggest challenge of this industry.


I have been a full-time food blogger since 2014. Once Instagram India made its way I was among the first few Indian food bloggers to join the platform and share dedicated thematic content. Since then I have worked with a lot of reputed brands as a social media influencer and brand ambassador. When the one-minute video wave hit Instagram I shifted focus on creating videos and got so much appreciation from the followers and brands for the same. Today I make handsome six figures on a monthly basis and have a small team to support day to day work.

Like all professions, in food blogging as well you have to stay relevant and continuously reinvent your content. With so many food blogs coming each day, it’s highly challenging to share unique and engaging content for the followers. Also, initially, it was tough to identify the ways to make money from food blogging. Hence, I tried food photography, food styling, recipe development, virtual assistant, etc. But eventually, if you are persistent with hard work there is no holding back. 



I started this wonderful journey in October 2017. I used to explore new food joints, click the food pictures and upload them on my personal Instagram account. I love cooking as well so used to share all my recipes on my personal account. And it was a sudden decision to create my own Instagram page and this is how RomancingTheFood came into existence where you can see my love for food. 🙂 


Well, I created this page as it’s my passion and I never thought to make a career in food blogging or to compete with anyone, I am a video editor by profession. Most challenging part is to create good and unique content which looks different from others for my followers and taking on the risk of implementing new ideas, which may backfire at times. And it’s really difficult to make people understand that food blogging is not about ‘Free Food and clicking pictures’. It takes lots of hard work, patience. 


The foodies Express

The journey is amazing with full of challenges and excitement.

So how it started was that one of our team members went to eat at some café and met a very humble blogger there. They 2 interacted and our team found it quite interesting.

After a few days of that conversation, we made our zomato page.

That’s how we started thefoodiesexpress.

We started writing reviews of places. (Only organic)

We received very good response on zomato. We have around 30k followers now on zomato 🙂


Looking at the response, we thought of expanding The Foodies Express and created pages on all social platforms including TikTok, Instagram.

We are running this page form almost 4-5 years now and really enjoying the same.

Worked with many brands including Panasonic, Pepsi, MTR, Nestle and the list is limited

Stay motivated and stay regular:) Best Tip. 


Time flies very fast and it has been more than five years now since Teekhi_mircheee went live. Food blogging is the hot talk of the town, and Instagram the prime medium of it. The handle which was started to show my love for food soon turned into a revolution with all the appreciation showered on me, a revolution to showcase the best of food throughout Delhi NCR. It started in the year 2015, when in my college days, me and my friends used to explore different eateries in the Defense Colony market.

Challenge – I will start by saying that it is very important for food bloggers to understand that they constitute one of the most popular and celebrated genres of blogging and I must admit that Food-stagramming is not easy and it requires a consistent good engaging content.  To make this good engaging content, we have to really take care of the aesthetics part, be it about the cutlery or any food props for the frame.

Plus one main challenge is of natural light. I don’t like editing my picture too much, I like to keep the colors natural. Now, after creating the content, the next part is about fruitful collaborations. Very few brands understand the hard work which goes behind creating a post. Most of them want a barter, but I always demand for a commercial. Bloggers should learn to say no. A brand needs to respect your creativity and hard work.

All I have to say is; do something in life which you enjoy and makes you happy! Money cannot buy happiness, but the satisfaction in doing something you love

Money cannot buy happiness, but the satisfaction in doing something you love and being successful is priceless.

Running a food blog might sound like a nice idea, but creating a successful one takes hard work, dedication, personality and excellent presentation. That’s why while thousands of food blogs exist, only a few of the most influential food bloggers gain large followings, brand partnerships and a decent income.



Food blogging happened by fluke! When I wasn’t looking for it. I am an engineer by profession. Worked in TCS! While I was working,  I started

 Visiting places and posting about it. And suddenly, some other fellow food blogger start approaching me.
And then turned into a food blogger. I left my job and opened my marketing agency and blogging as a career!
Challenges as food blogging, so there is many challenges.Creating content is a challenge.
Also, managing health is a big challenge! You will be eating lots of food from various hygienic condition and maintaining health is another situation 



It all began when I was pursuing my engineering. Being in engineering college, I had a lot of free time. I used to visit cafes with my friends and click food pictures. Later I discovered some Instagram pages with food content. Then & There I decided to make a page and started uploading pictures. I was into cooking as well so I also started making recipe videos on Instagram. I got really good responses and after a while, I started getting collaboration requests from different brands which made me realize the power of being an Instagram Influencer. I really enjoy this.



 I started my journey in 2016. I was in 3rd year of college when I started this page never thought I will come so far. The challenges are being consistent and relatable it’s the most important aspect. It’s important to make your niche and understand your audience and be committed to work


My preference over food is because of my family’s wish to try a variety of dishes. Earlier it was about enjoying the food, but trying cooking has become a part of my to do list as well. The thought of the food blogging part never came to my mind before as I was not aware of it.

My family friend who has an outlet of his own told me about Zomato app and its functionalities. So it began in the year 2014 wherein I was able to share my experience related to food. And that one step has kept me moving with the urge to explore new restaurants and their cuisines.

That’s the inception of Journey_with_foodie. Now the journey can be experienced on apps such as Zomato, Instagram, Google, LBB, Helo, Trell and so on. It was a joy to know that my food journey was an influence behind some of my friends and in their foodie journey.


When I started with Zomato reviews, the challenge was getting to each level with surpassing their obstacle and for that I had to visit different places and thanks to my friends who were well aware of the restaurants.

Posting on instagram was different for me. I didn’t know about the hashtags, timings and what to do. Eventually I didn’t post for like 1-2 months and the number of followers and likes were not up to that mark. But the invite from LBB brought me together with food bloggers who are now my friends and an inspiration to me. I learned a lot through events and networking.

Most of the events and food Meetups are during the weekdays and I was working so I had to miss various opportunities and had to shift plans for the weekend. Timings and venues are also some of the hurdles.

Being a foodie is a challenge in itself, as indulging in food raised my weight and so did my mother’s voice.

Meeting new food bloggers and approaching PR’s was a different experience for me.

Consistently posting on different platforms has been time consuming.

Balancing my studies and my food blogging experience.

To encourge the work done by emerging food bloggers. We have picked 2 food blogger. Yes, they have identified food blogging as their passion and so they are accepting all challenges in the field. 

Emerging Food Blogger: foodiesince96
Emerging Food Blogger: chatpatidaawat

At the end of this article, I would like to close by saying that nothing is difficult, every field has its challenges, but if you have identified your passion, you would love to find out ways to those challenges. People feel blogging is easy but to create content and be active is the biggest challenge of this industry. 

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