Five Simple and Amazing tips to Conquer Your Mind.

Conquer your mind

In Bhagwad Geeta, it is said that the mind which rules you is your deadliest enemy and the mind which you govern is your best friend.

What you should do to conquer your mind?

A disciplined and motivated mind can lead you to the highest attainment. So we can say that the mind can be the cause of all your suffering and can make you slave to your destiny and it can help you end with all affections and lead you to the lasting bliss.

The first step to conquer your mind is to understand your mind.

You create your own suffering. You should understand that as per science, most of your problems are not real, but they are because of your perceptions. So to overcome the problems you should learn how to master your mind?


To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind – Buddha


The five simple and amazing tips to Conquer your Mind.


1) Clear Vision:

Vision is important because once you have set goals, you will be aware of the purpose of your life. And it will be easy for your mind to work towards your goals because if your vision is not clear how you will tell your mind what you want from it.

2) Positive Thoughts:

Thoughts are the building blocks of your mind so it is always said that you should have positive thoughts. Once you have good thoughts for things around your mind will anyways feel good. When you have positive thoughts you gather more mental energy which helps you to feel relax and happy.

To keep our mind steady and efficient you should from time to time make a note of what you are doing. Are you involved doing something positive and towards your goal?

There is no reason to fear and to restrict yourself. You must have a positive thinking process to tame your mind.

3) Good Diet:

Your diet plays an important role. Fast food these days are in trend,  but to be very specific if you want to master your mind you should eat the finest and healthiest diet. In simple words, a kind of diet your grandparents use to eat. The diet rich in proteins and vitamins. Fresh homemade food and lots of fruits. The simple logic is that healthy mind stays in a healthy body. If your body will be healthy, your mind too will be healthy and will work in the same way, you want it to work.

4) Keep Good Company:

With the kind of people, you stay are most important. So it is advised that you should stay with like-minded people. This is a very simple technique don’t do anything, don’t force your brain to listen to you. Just try to keep the company of the kind of people you want your brain to be like.

If we define Good people, they give you a lot of positive energy, they keep you motivated and are always with you in your bad time as well.

5) Cultivate Good Habits:

” I like looking at the sky when the sun is setting” I love to see birds flying.

You should know what makes you feel good. Help your mind to feel wonderful by the things it feels better. Because here comes a simple formula it, you will help someone feel good they will give same in return, so when you will help your mind to feel better, it will listen to you. It will become the way you want it to be.

Closing Paragraph: Most important things in today’s world is to manage your own mind. Before managing others and expecting from others you should manage your own mind. Take time to practice simple techniques which are mentioned above.


A small activity: For all our amazing readers: 
1) Write your short and long term goals?
2) Write 5 good habits of the person you are inspired with?
3) Write 2 food you like most but you know those are not considered as a part of a good diet?
4) Write names of 2 of your friends which you feel is not a good company to stay with?


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