being happy

What is Happiness? 


A few days back I attended one conference, and it was on happiness… 

The person who was heading the conference gave a simple example of the current scenario that why people are not happy these days. He said that, today we have given remote of our happiness in the hands of others… if they will press a red button, we will be sad and if they press green button we will be happy.

So, the simple solution is to collect all remotes back from people around and you should be the reason for your happiness…

It is said that happiness is a choice, 40% of our happiness comes from our lifestyle, our habits and from within us. Only 10% of happiness is due to Externals sources like- your friends, relatives, shopping, watching the movies and other things.

Some people say that they feel good when they go out for shopping but that good feeling is just 10% of their happiness process. So we should work on how get 40% of happiness?

So a simple solution is to find happiness within yourself… How to find happiness within yourself? Stay with us for the next 10 days and this is our challenge that you will be able to find happiness within yourself and the remote of your happiness will be with you.. not with others. 

Our Vision behind this challenge- to help and improve the quality of lives and boost happiness around the world. We are women that work hard and play hard and also want to take care of everyone.

Do not be self centric