Do you know how to make a relationship works best for you?


Do you know how to make a relationship works best for you?

A good relationship only works well on the fact that how you handle the conflicts between each other. No one can say that there are no conflicts or fights between you and your partner, and in my view, that is natural too. No two humans can think in the same way and especially when you are the opposite gender.

“The recent study which “confirms” the differences between male and female brains, there are some genuine differences that cannot be denied.” Male arguments are more based on reasons and the final outcome, whereas female arguments are more based on emotions and sentiments.-Source.

So if there is a difference in the thinking process, it is understood that there will be conflicts. But now the point is how you handle those conflicts so that yours is the best relationship.

Tips to make a relationship works best for you?

Being Honest: 

Be honest about your needs and your priorities in life. Think and then talk with your partner. If it is a love relationship, your partner will understand and will value your needs and priorities.

If you have priorities in life that do not mean that you are not valuing the other person’s presence, but it simply means that you are expecting your partner to give you space and this can be visa versa too. You also have to understand your partner’s priorities and support him/ her.


“My feelings are never ignored” – Womendigest

Listening and giving importance to each other’s feeling is another point which you should take proper care. This will help you to resolve the conflicts because if you listen always and you just for some reason could not listen, the other one will understand your situation, but if you are always in the habit of ignoring each other’s things then it will become one of the top reasons for conflict.

Do not React:

Learn to Response. Even if you do not like what your partner is saying or doing, do not react immediately. Just try to understand that if you are doing something with a lot of enthusiasm and your partner rejects, how will you feel? So, give him/ her some time and also you take some time. The best strategy here can you- you should learn to respond not to react.

Let us take an example: You are all ready for dinner and your husband came late from the gym. Now you can start shouting and spoil the mood, but you will still go out for dinner because it was planned, but you both will not have a good time. Give a pause, stop for a while, engage your mind in something else for a few seconds and then think, now when your mind is calm, you can say calmly that you both can go to someplace which is nearby to save time so that you both can have more time together instead of travelling to someplace which is far.

Self Love

Self-love is never selfish, if you will value yourself, others will be bound to do that. And it is said by experts that only people who love themselves can love others. The Self-love simply means you value your own emotional needs, it means caring enough about yourself so that others also care for you and visa versa.

Express your love

Sometimes in public and sometimes in private, this is the secret of maintaining a good relationship with your partner express your love. Sometimes by just kissing and sometimes with a small message during office hours. This is last on my list, but more powerful, try this out.

Closing Note:

The Relationship never dies a natural death… They are murdered by EGO, ATTITUDE & IGNORANCE- Buddha



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