How to help kids to enjoy this lockdown period when they are not allowed to move out.


Do you know? Before you blink they will grow up and you will miss this time.

Believe me, this is true… So make this lockdown period most effective and build the best bond you can.

I can see so much of panic on social media because of lockdown due to carona virus. Questions like “how to keep them engaged throughout the day when they cannot go out?

Though this lockdown is for a few days, but are we sure that this problem will resolve soon and we will able to send them to play in parks or at that time also we have to maintain social distancing? Social distancing is very much needed and also we should be prepared for a longer period of lockdown.

So now the same questions come how to keep our kids engaged the whole day?

I am sharing the tips with you how you can engage your kids throughout the day. Yes, I agree it is difficult and also as parents, we may feel pretty on them, but we have to maintain sanity and have to maintain social distancing.

  1. First and foremost: Tell them why they are not allowed to go out. You should tell them all about Carona Virus.
  2. Colors are a healer: You can tell them to color at least one hour a day. And you will see that they are more energetic and positive after this activity.
  3. Prepare them mentally:  Tell them that even if they are not able to go out the best is that the whole family is together otherwise they have to keep waiting for weekends.
  4. Utilize Digital Media: Though all kids are too much addicted to the screen at this time when you know they cannot go out, let them watch some of their favorite cartoons for some time.
  5. Spend some amazing time with them: Play some indoor games with your kids, cuddle with them and spend some more time with them. Just a simple thing needed here is to see things positively and communicate them in a positive way as well.
  6. The learning process should go hand in hand- Let them know the importance of good handwriting, and you will see the miracle they will start improving their handwriting every day.
  7. Cook for them: Make your kids favorite dishes so that they feel pampered and do not regret that they are not able to go out.
  8. Pray with them: Teach them the importance of prayers.
  9. Involve them in all possible things: Like house cleaning, cooking, laundry and etc.
  10. Make a small play area: A dedicated space for them to sit, relax so that they do not miss going outside. Build the best environment for them.

A closing note by me who is a mom of 6 years old naughty boy.

Special Tip: For kids (2.5- 5 years) Get some stickers and scrapbook. Ask them to make their picture book. Like different pages for different categories – healthy food, domestic animals, wild animals, animals and their young ones etc.

For kids (above 5 years): Ask them to make their dictionary. Teach them how to read a dictionary and tell them to make their word bank, maybe 10 words each day and they can work on one alphabet for 2-3 days.


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