5 Instagram Tips which can help your business to reach next level

Instagram 5 hacks

Everywhere we hear that Instagram is a powerful tool for small businesses. But as a marketer, we should know how to use this tool more efficiently and effectively, if you really want Instagram to work effectively for your business?

With over 8 years of experience in handling the Instagram account for my clients. I am sharing 5 simple rules which you should know and follow if you want Instagram to be effective for your startup.

5 Instagram Tips

Create value for your followers: This simply means that you should know what your followers are looking for, they know what you are doing, but they are following you just to know more than what is your business all about. Your every post should be designed in such a way that you should able to provide some unique message. So, with each post, you have to do lots of research related to your niche.

Be Genuine: Showcase how you are different from others? Try to cater to the need of your audience. Focus on your audience, not on your competitors.

Interact with your audience: Connect with your audience, if you send your message always reply to them, like their message and try to build a connection with them. This is most important because if your interactive followers are your true earnings.

Be consistent: Yes, if you have to avail results using Instagram, you have to be consistent. The simple reason is that your followers must know what and how you schedule your content? This will help you to establish a connect with your followers.

Try to be unique: Here with unique I do not me to be unique with your competitors, but unique to yourself, this is most important to understand, you should treat Instagram uniquely, which means that your content should be different on Instagram from other social media platforms because of its functionalities as well as features. And secondly, when you will try to cross-promote your handle on other social media platform, your audience will find it interesting to have altogether different kind of content.

These are the simple but powerful tips for Instagramer. To be an effective social media marketer you have to focus on strategies so that you can create value, be unique but genuine and your post plan should be consistent.  These simple hacks will help you to improve your outreach.




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