Power of 3 M’s in our life: Secret to a happy life

Power of 3 M’s in our life: the secret to a happy life

Mutual love…

Mutual respect…

Mutual discipline…

Love and respect need to be earned you cannot buy – Womendigest

We all want to have an amazing relationship. We all love to be loved but do we give that in return. I am an elder in-home, I can do anything? Most of us have such feeling. But like this relationships do not work. If you are elder you have to show that wisdom of being elder.

Mutual Love: Unconditional love is extremely important for any relationship to boom. Due to lack of love, we fight day and night in our mind and also with people around to whom we should show our unconditional love.

We develop jealousy, greed and anger when we do not have mutual love. Once mutual love is developed all such problems automatically get sorted.

Mutual respect: will automatically come once you have developed a Mutual love. It is said that as you sow.. so you reap. Remember if you respect someone irrespective of age, irrespective of you being elder or younger, you will get respect in return. You cannot fight for respect, you have to earn respect.

Mutual Disciplines: Which simply means that you should have the same rules for all. Once you will overcome with the concept of being adult and young, you will have mutual discipline. It is just a matter of attitude, you should follow the path of knowledge and wisdom.


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