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This exclusive interview is for all beautiful ladies who love Indian ethnic wear. Today, womendigest got in touch with Yashraj, he is the Director of Label Varsha.

Label Varsha is an Indian ethnic wear brand for women, intermixing traditional styles with contemporary thoughts. Label Varsha was founded by Sri Gopal in 1993. Duo brother, Yashraj and Rahul took over with the sole motive to serve the Mass Market by giving the best quality products at an affordable rate.  

My vision took to fruition when I was allowed to take up this legacy, and I see Varsha Fashion growing furthermore abundantly, says Yashraj.

Tell us about Label Varsha?

Label Varsha is an Indian ethnic wear brand that was incepted by my father, Sri Gopal, in Chennai in 1993. Today, the legacy has been passed on to the generation after him, his two sons, Rahul and I.

When we think of Indian femininity, we think of soft, soothing, and strong colours and patterns. At Label Varsha, we intermix this with contemporary design patterns, maintaining the true essence of Indian arts and crafts, because that is the source of most of our inspiration.

Label Varsha has been a sturdy pillar of Indian ethnic wear for over two decades and we have now dipped our toes into the virtual world of online selling and social media. Through our website ( we can take a global approach and cater to the needs of women all over our nation as well as all around the world.


Where is Label Varsha located? Where do you see it after 5 years?


We are based out of Surat and Mumbai, the hotspots for Indian traditionality. In the long term, we are looking to expand physically into further markets within as well as outside our country. With the launch of our website, we’re looking forward to making a global imprint as well.

Label Varsha is positioned as an ‘every woman’s brand’ and this is something we will always want to convey to our target audiences. Five years from now, we would want to still maintain this, while keeping sustainability as a key factor where production is concerned. Label Varsha is highly aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the ecological system and we want to work towards the betterment of it. This will be possible only when we look for durable avenues for our clothing, which is why Label Varsha uses some of the most breathable cotton fabrics for our clothes. It ensures the long-lasting of the garment while keeping in mind the notion of ‘sustainable clothing’. We also look forward to the promotion of local talent of artisans. These are the individuals responsible for the clothes we wear and they should be given recognition for just that. Label Varsha focuses on handiwork, hand embroidery as we believe the details matter. And these details require a human touch.


What do you think is the biggest challenge which you face when you are dealing with women-specific products?


I truly believe that dealing with women-specific products is one of the most exciting fields, as I have so many women in my life who inspire me every day. According to me, there is no specific challenge. I am well-versed with what I need my products to look and feel like for women to fall in love with them, and for Label Varsha to be their ‘go-to’ brand for every occasion. For our products to reach the caliber I feel they should be at, extensive and obsessive attention to detail is paid with every thread that is selected, and every stitch which is woven. There is no room for error in the garments we make. I believe the versatility of the garments that Label Varsha provides is one of the most important factors that define us as a brand. Versatility in the sense of ‘use’. The garments we offer can be used for an extensive list of occasions, festivals, gatherings, and even work. If there are any challenges as well, I feel we should tackle them head-on. These challenges are what make work so interesting.


What keeps you motivated?


My family is my pillar. They are the ones who keep me motivated to always work harder and to always do better. My father is a driving force in my life. Label Varsha is his legacy and he is my guiding force throughout this journey. My motivation also lies in the people with whom I work. These talented individuals inspire me every day with their ideation and thoughts, also with the passion for Indian arts and crafts that resonates with me. We always want to look for more inspiration in this field, so I do look to famous designers like Anita Dongre and Sabyasachi for motivation as well. The chicness, the style in which they portray their work is awe-inspiring. Other than that, what motivates me is to provide good jobs to talented artisans who can help me bring the vision of Label Varsha to cloth and reality. We are constantly on the hunt for individuals who are hard-working, talented, and who would be able to showcase our brand with social and ecological integrity.


What is the approach which you follow to maintain a work-life balance?


My approach is rather simple. I never let my work intermix with my personal life, or take a priority over it. As a fairly new father, I try to spend as much time as I can with my family, as I do not want to miss a single moment in the life of my child, as every moment has a significance. Work starts at 9 am, and till 8 pm my concentration lies solely on my business. Once the clock strikes 8, I do not entertain any business discussions as my family time begins to post that. This approach allows me enough time to spend with my family, and it is the most important part of the day for me, as this is what I work for. I work for my family and my passion as well, and I do feel I am capable of giving the right amount of importance to both.


What is your strength which helps you to achieve goals which you set for yourself and your company?


My strength lies in what motivates me. My family, my passion for Indian art and crafts, and the people I work with. My family, being my rock, is extremely ardent about the work I do. My father, Sri Gopal, has worked tirelessly to ensure his family lives a fruitful existence, and I draw inspiration from his strength in being able to do that. The driving force for me is to do better, to create better. To draw inspiration from our history of art, our rich culture as Indians. There is so much out there, it’s just a matter of finding the right source, and showcasing it to the best of our ability.

The goals for Label Varsha are clear. We want to be able to make a change, to create an impact in the field of sustainable and slow fashion. Our clothes are so detailed, they could never swoosh off a catwalk and into stores. We love our work and are extremely passionate about being in such a creative field. Hence, we would want to put in the extra time and effort to ensure that we achieve the best possible results. The process does not have to be hurried, it has to be effective.


How do you deal with stress and challenges?


Stress and challenges are a part and parcel of every working environment. They are unavoidable entities that every professional will have to tackle at one point or another. I am never stirred, nor shaken about the hindrances that make their way into my path. I have full faith in my passion and the vision of my Label. And so, to all the stress and challenges that are thrown my way, I have three words I throw back, ‘Bring it on.’


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